Assasination Of Kapodistrias

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Assasination of Kapdistria

In 1830, a revolt was fermenting in Limeni and rumours were circulating of a Maniot attack on Nafplio, the capital of Greece at that time. One of the main focus of opposition to Kapodistria was the region of Mani, like the hydriots, they had two main grievances. They claimed compensation for war losses,which kapodistrias refused and they resented kapodistrias claim to collect their taxes, which even under the turks they had collected themselves, They did not take kindly to the idea of taxation and control by a central government of Greece - any more than they had accepted the same from the Ottomans. . Petrobeys brother konstantinos and son georgios were brought back to navplio as sureties for Mani's good behaviour. Meanwhile petrobey, living in Navplion as a senator tried to get away on a Vessel bound for Zakinthos, but when the vessel put ashore on the west coast of the peloponnese Petrobey was arrested, brought back to navplion and imprisoned. This action subdued the revolt and a delegation was sent to Mani to negotiate peace and persuade the eastern Maniots, who were preparing for a war, to remain where they were and not to attack. However, the Mavromichalis clan were still not satisfied, especially as Petrobey was still being held prisoner, and so Kapodistrias was assassinated at Nafplio in September 1831 by Georgios and Konstantinos Mavromichalis, the son and brother of Petros, who were subsequently executed.

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