17th of March, 1821

The church of TaxiarchiThe 17th of March remains in history as one of the most heroic moments in the duration of the Revolution, with the struggle of the enslaved Greek people striving to overthrow the long term slavery of the Ottoman Empire. On this day, the Maniots marched out of Areopoli, after a ceremony at the church of Taxiarchi, to free Kalamatta from Turkish Control. This decision of the Maniot Soldiers was considerd to be heroic.

Many people have doubts that the origin of the Revolution was in Mani. This is due to the imaginative description of events by French traveller Poukevil, that the "spark" that began the revolution was lit first at St. Lavra. Some other sources support that the revolution started in Patra, Kalavrita and Kalamatta. But it must be emphasized that the revolution did begin in Mani which has contributed greatly in many struggles of the enslaved Greek people in their quest to overthrow their Turkish overlords.

The inception of the revolution occurred at Areopoli accorinding to the specific testimony og high profile individuals such as, Kolokontronis and others. The Maniots on the 17th March, 1821, after the service which was held at St Taxiarchon, raised the white flag catered with a blue cross, the flag of the revolution. The flag was blessed by three preists of St. Taxiarchon and all the fighters headed by Petrobei Mavromihali, kneeled and swore an oath to Unity, collaboration, and the resolution towards complete sacrifice for the freedom of the greek people.The maniots informed the other fighters of the Pelloponeese that they are starting the war and moved towards Kalamatta. With the onset of the 23rd March, 1821, the maniots offered the gift of freedom to the enslaved people of Kalamatta who were relieved from the tyrannical burden of their Turkish Overlords.

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